Swimming Pool Lighting Ideas

Summertime means that it’s time to make a splash in your pool. Whether it’s an inground or above ground pool, there are plenty of hours to be spent soaking up the sun this summer floating around the pool. But, who says the party has to end when the sun goes down?

Pool lighting provides a safe way for you to see around your pool. Whether you’re taking an evening swim, or you want an additional safety feature to prevent accidents, pool lighting is the answer. Pool lighting greatly adds to the style of your pool and is an investment, so it’s important to choose fixtures that compliment your outdoor décor as well as staying in your budget. For both inground and above ground pools, there are plenty of options.

Depending on the pool lighting style you choose, it might be best to call a pro who can safely install your fixtures. When you’re ready, contact a swimming pool contractor for up to four quotes from local pros in your area for free.

Pool Lighting Costs

Pool Lighting Costs

If you already own a pool, or are considering installing one, you’re likely aware of the costs associated. The average cost to maintain a swimming pool is $246, with most homeowners spending between $165 and $276. It’s a smart idea to create an annual pool maintenance budget to assist with any maintenance costs. Pool lighting can be one of them. While installation might be costly depending on the style you choose, yearly maintenance might be as simple as a bulb change. Pool lighting installations can range from $450 on the low end to $1,700 on the high end.

LED Pool Lights

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and eco-friendly option for your pool lighting, LED is the way to go. LED lights are energy efficient and can help you save money on your electrical bill. LED pool lights can be used in both above and inground pools. Above ground LED pool lighting options include ones that hang from the pool rim, so you can DIY your pool lighting installation. Inground pool LED lights will take a pool pro to help, as it could call for complicated wiring.

Solar Pool Lights

Solar Floating Pool Lights

Another eco-friendly option is solar pool lighting. These lights come in a variety of styles. One option is solar pool lights that attach to the side of your pool, pointing downward into the water to illuminate the floor. This works great for above ground pools. Becoming more popular with homeowners are floating pool lights. These sit on the water to decorate the pool and light up the pool floor. If you’re looking for decorative pool lights, solar floating globes come in a variety of colors to make your pool look simply magical.

Fiber Optic Pool Lights

If you want your pool lighting to be subtle but luxurious, fiber optic pool lighting will provide a gentle light that easily distribute throughout the pool. They are installed as a cable with a bulb in a box above the water, making the bulbs easy to change. However, fiber optic pool lighting does not last as long as other options and can be costly.

Color Changing Pool Lights

Now, you can enjoy the look of your pool both in and out of the water with color changing pool lights. Most pool lighting types will have a color changing option. This can add a beautiful look to your pool.

Pool Party Lights

Pool Party Lighting

Pool lighting isn’t limited to the water. If you’re throwing a pool party, consider using lighting to decorate around the pool. String lights over or around the pool to illuminate the space even further to keep the party going into the night.

If you’re having an outdoor party, waterproof floating LED lanterns can enhance the look of the pool area. Tiki lights are also a fun touch to add to your pool area to keep mosquitos away and include a fun beachy feel.  

Pool Safety Lights

Of course, the first priority in and around the pool is safety. If you plan on utilizing your pool or pool deck in the evening, you must include safety lights. This can help prevent unwelcome falls into the pool and injury. If your deck meets the pool, put lights at the edge to light up the area where the decking ends. Include lighting on any deck railings and pool stairs. If you have pool safety equipment near your pool, be sure to include a light near this area so if there’s an emergency, you can see clearly what you may need to use.

Pool Safety Lights


Pool lighting can truly transform the look and function of the water. No longer do you have to stop swimming when the sun goes down. Pool lighting can make it a safe and cool atmosphere for all. Look for eco-friendly options to help cut down costs and electrical usage. You’ll be enjoying your pool all season long!

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